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Old English Sheepdog Broki

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Broki - Old English Sheepdog is a dog from Włochaty Urwis kennel.
He is our friend and good buddy.
Ge is very important part of pur family.


Quiet, calm and balanced.
Always willing to frolic on a walk, but without much madnesst:). The house lazybones who likes to sleep himself.



Alert and confident deter enemy low tone of voice.
Always close, always with us, and his joy at the sight of us after a short separation is invaluable.

Thanks to the breeder Dorota Nowak for the fact that in our hands gave a wonderful dog who became a true friend of the house, a faithful companion for every day.
For advice and help in difficult moments, and of the fact that motivated and sustained the faith in us that we ...
Our dog is a new Polish Champion:).